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Sexual Security
The Aging Man's Guide to Lifelong Performance
Written By: Kathryn Retzler ND
It’s a fact of life that as you age physical changes impact your performance in the bedroom. You may think about sex less often and not get as turned on as you did when you were younger. Your erections may not be as firm or you might experience erectile dysfunction.
The good news is that sexual security IS possible as you age. In Dr. Retzler's well researched new book you will learn the most common contributing factors to poor health and the tools needed to improve your mental and physical health and ultimately your sexual performance.
What will you learn?
How aging happens and how it directly affects your sexual performance
Learn the keys to aging optimally and how to gain an edge by maximizing your mental, physical, and sexual health.
The relationship between blood vessel health and strong erections 
Learn all the causes of erectile dysfunction and declining performance and effective ways to treat and possibly reverse it.
Your 8-Step Lifelong Performance Prescription 
Learn how to lengthen your health span and maintain sexual potency with powerful tools to support your goals.
About the Author
Dr. Kathryn Retzler
"I believe men settle for a negative definition of aging. I do not accept that aging means falling apart on schedule. I have a high standard for my physical, mental and spiritual health, improving every year. I hold the same vision for my patients."
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